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    for those who dont know what they are... (although a bit american - dont you just hate americans talking in youtube video?) anyway, its this video that made me buy one
    Arduino High Speed Photography Trigger - YouTube

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    Quote Originally Posted by kingcreaky View Post

    Its a really exciting time for computer / electronics (wish I was 20 years younger!, my career path may of been different) between these an the Rasberry Pi's it must encourage lots of younguns to be a bit more experimental. if they can prize themselves off their games consoles. WIsh I had one when I was 14 up in my parents loft with my meccano.
    this basicly sounds like me..

    i have one little saving grace in that i have 2 twin boys that i hope at least one of them will take an interest in what i am doing and i'll happily provide them with all clever stuff for them to get stuck in to when the time comes

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    this is what started me off..

    seeing a friend link this, then asking said friend wtf it was, him then telling me he has one, that he has it connected to his raspberry pi and can control pretty much any lighting in his house from any mobile phone with a web browser was what got me hooked

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    I'm still doing simple stuff with arduino uno's and haven't yet found an excuse to get some 32bit goodness. Got to echo the sentiment that it is a fantastic tool and a fantastic time to get into electronics or making stuff in general.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by kingcreaky View Post
    best achievement lap timer for multiple rc cars
    Out of curiousity, how are you doing the multiple car bit?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kingcreaky View Post
    Even "invented" gcode... before I realised I wasnt the first one! :-D
    I re-invented G code because it wasn't invented for computers.

    Picture this scenario, you are belting along a line, reach the end and the next item is an arc, joining at a tangent so you want to hold your speed. All you get is offsets to the centre and an end point. This is not friendly. The stepper motor is champing at the bit for it's next step and you start to do floating point trig on ASCII text. You manage to carry past that and, before you know it, that swine of an operator decides to press PAUSE halfway through your acceleration

    Obviously you are going to predigest the tool trajectory before you even attempt this. At one end of the wire you have a 10GHz 64 bit monster with Gigabytes of fast access RAM which can hold the whole movement array without breaking a sweat. At the other end you have a 100Mhz tiddler, 32 bits if you are lucky, and an SD card for storage. No prizes for guessing which end is best suited to do the conversion.

    My R code is binary XYZW co-ordinates defining the end points of a series of interconnecting straight lines. The co-ordinates are integers in stepper resolution. The only other clues you get for the line are a maximum velocity and a preferred terminal velocity. Velocities are pointers to a list of timer delays. To accelerate you move up the list one slot at a time. To decellerate you move down similarly.

    I don't even start producing R code until the tool position is known and all is ready to go. It starts from where you are now with no appreciable delay. It flips the mill into cut mode, PAUSE's it then starts streaming R codes. That way I have to press the GREEN button on the pendant to start it and my thumb is convenoently close to the RED button should I have forgotten something.

    Driving steppers on an interrupt with R code input is a doddle once you accept that the terminal velocity for the line is only a suggestion. If you can't make it on this line, try next time. To brake you convert every step to a decelleration until you are safe. To restart you use the same routine that you use at the beginning of every line. Simples.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Treemonkey View Post
    I am interested in making is a lightshow which responds to music. I do a fair bit of coding in my day job so shouldn't be a problem getting going :)
    Am at the bolting `sketches` together level, but even for a total non programmer like me possible to get it do useful things, did a pan tilt mount with analogue stick and RC servos for a CCTV camera in about 20 minutes from Arduino libraries and sletches. Kinda reminds me of typing listings in from magazines on a ZX81 :-)

    For colo(u)r organ duties, the MSGEQ7 makes life super easy, 7 band spectrum analyzer, very cheap on ebay, as are Arduino shields - Using a MSGEQ7 EQ with Arduino

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    My Shizuoka has an old relay logic array to control the tool changer. I am in the process of changing this to an arduino - or I was until I came across CuBloc. It uses an Arduino platform and programs in Basic and Ladder. Again the software is free, but for PLC use they look great. I like C# and have no great knowledge of Basic but I do fancy getting an insight into Ladder.
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  10. Zadig, what Shizouka have you got?
    I recently bought a ST-N complete with a Summit one arm bandit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by m_c View Post
    Zadig, what Shizouka have you got?
    I recently bought a ST-N complete with a Summit one arm bandit.
    The same, nice machine. Great to hear of someone else with one. Had a manual Shizuoka until recently and that was a good machine too.

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