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    Morning All,

    Having played with and help fix a friends machines i though it was about time to build my own......

    I am keeping my first project small as cash is at an all-time low, but it will help to get the main principals sorted on something cheapish.

    My first mill will be for milling and drilling plastic spectacle lenses, so nothing to dense at first.
    Hoping to automate a custom made pillar drill/mill that we currently use for lenses, only the x,y axis at first, will leave the z for later.
    More details on this to come!

    Apologies already for stupid questions, but thatís what newbies are for!


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    Hi Andy, wellcome to the site. I am sure you will get plenty of help with your project and will soon start making money with your cnc'd lenses. G.

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    have had 2nd and 3rd thoughts about this, as is common, but i think cnc is the way forward!
    As you know i have access to some very good machines so am hesitant about converting my own.
    But how else to learn!

    So i think things will be going ahead with the 2 axis system we discussed.
    Going to get the steppers, as mounting them will be interesting, electronics can wait a little at the moment.


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    Hi Andy, glad you are still thinking of converting your xy slides to cnc. Has anyone on the forum tried converting the proxxon KT 70 or similar table with steppers using the original screws and nuts? If so I am sure Andy would be pleased to hear your experience. G.

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    Yes! That would be great!

    i know this isn't the best x,z in the world but I am mainly using this as a learning project in order to move onto something else later.
    I allways try to learn with the lowest cost, learning tends to break things in my experience!!

    yes it's a proxxon kt70, and I'm only doing x,y for this project z not needed.
    looking at nema 32 steppers directly driving the screw, yes I will get backlash but hopefully not too much.

    anyone got any ideas for a low cost electronics set? 3 axis preferably to future proof things a little?


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    Hi Andy, I think at this stage you may get more help if you post your project in the build log forumm. G.

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