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    Hi all,

    I have spent another couple of hours tinkering with this driver, It apepars that pin 4 accepts a pwm signal which controls the speed rather than setting a position, and that pin 3's is used to vary the torque, IE when grounded the motor increases speed alot.

    Could do with a guide! figuring out electronics for noobs lol.

    After doing alot of reading, the motor has hall sensors + an encoder (2 wires) + wires to windings. So I assume that if there is an encoder then either that information is made available via an I/O or it must accept a position signal?

    Any help or Tips / ideas most welcome!


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    I'd guess it's most likely an analogue servo drive that takes +/-10V to control the speed, however they generally wouldn't need to see the motor encoder, as the motion controller would deal with the position side. Unless it's a motor with built in field sensors that the drive needs to see inorder to actually power the motor correctly (I'm having a complete blank about the proper name of this style of motor!).

    Any chance of some pictures of the motors?

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