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    Found these on ebay great price for a stepper + screw + linear guide.

    It's unsupported rail though so Jazz probably won't approve. :(

    Japan Micro CNC Stepper Motor + Screw + Linear Guide | eBay

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    Look like they are the stepper motors fitted into car door mirrors ?
    John S -

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    Cant match that for price, but some years ago I bought (80 each-ouch) two lovely, high quality flat linear slides complete with ballscrews and stepper motors
    with a view to using them as the Z slides on a twin head lightweight router to cut out the 1.6mm ply parts of my dollhouses. The travel is about 50mm and I think the ballscrews are about 6mm.

    Any suggestions? To small for mooring weights and I'm too old for marital aids.

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    There are that cheap because he's not even bothering to send them out to those whoe have bought ...look at his feedback - it's peppered with negative feedback from buyers of this stepper.

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    One of the companies I deal with at work occasionally sends out a monthly email letter and it contains a link to old stock they have for sale. I noticed that it had some Nema 34 hybrid steppers on the list so I decided to ask for a quote for them. Near fell off my chair when I was told they were nearly 600 each.

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    > It's unsupported rail though so Jazz probably won't approve. :(

    It is only 14mm long though, so for the size that's a pretty robust rail.

    I think the most impressive part of that advert is the macro function on his camera. Not sure mine would be able to capture a motor 8mm in diameter with such detail.


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