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    Prototrak MX2 control system (very easy to learn/ program)

    415v (been running the machine on a transwave phase converter) 5hp motor

    some markings on the bed (please see photos) from previous owner, but has never limited myself from doing any work on the bed.

    comes with a fibreglass drip tray to catch all the swarf.

    usual wear to the paint on the main block from use.

    2 axis cnc with 3 axis readout. Z axis has a motor to lift and lower the bed to make life easier for the user.

    international 40 taper. this is operated with an air drawbar which is currently disconnected as it wasnt cranking the collet up properly. simply tighten it up as a conventional knee milling machine.

    for any more info, please don't hesitate to PM me.

    3600.00 ONO

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    Hello , just wondering is this machine still for sale ?

    Thanks Andy

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    sorry, this machine is now sold

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