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  1. I am having a bit of trouble getting my stepper motors to turn at the moment, they are SY60STH86-3008BF from zapp. All they will do is partially step/stall but they have power on.

    My System is:
    5vdc PS
    50vdc PSU
    4x MA860H
    4 X SY60STH86
    and a no name ebay 5 axis breakout board.

    I have comms with the breakout board and the led lights up at the relevant axis breakout point showing comms. The drive enable signal is measured at 5vdc when open circuit but if i connect a drive to the breakout board it drops to 1-2vdc. Pulse and direction show 5vdc
    When I ask an axis to turn the motor stalls/steps a little bit/stops but has holding torque.

    My motors are wired as follows:

    Blue/White & Red = A+
    Blue & Red/White = A-
    Green/White & Black = B+
    Green & Black/White = B-

    I am certain mach3 ports and pins are set up correctly.
    Any help with this would be great, thanks.

  2. A picture of the cabinet

    A picture of the connections

    And a picture of the cabinet

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    What are you using for the parallel cable.?

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    Also what is the Motor tuning set at.?

    Give details of micro stepping and ball screw pitch for each axis.

  5. Ball screw is 1605, motor turning is set at 4000mm/min microstepping is 10 steps per is 200. tried all sorts of ranges, no micro stepping etc.

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    Not got step and direction switched round have you ?
    John S -

  7. Ok,
    I have measured Vdirection 4.5v one way 0v the other, Changed the paralell cable with a known good one, checked step and direction connected correctley and just for fun swapped them around.
    Cheers for the help so far chaps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wotsit View Post
    Changed the paralell cable with a known good one
    When you say known good one how do you know it's good.? What's it been connected too.? . . . Must be straight thru not a serial printer cable.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by JAZZCNC View Post
    When you say known good one how do you know it's good.? What's it been connected too.? . . . Must be straight thru not a serial printer cable.
    I removed it from my last cnc machine, it was working then so I guess it shold now unless this board is a bit picky.
    I have ordered a new breakout board to try that as well.

    Thank you for all the help

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    Ok well your wiring looks fine and tuning etc is correct so clutching straws now.!!

    Try re-installing Mach and it's driver It's not unknown for Mach to throw a wobbly and it only takes ten mins.

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