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    These are the motors Xylotex Stepper Motors I think as I bought it of a guy that split his cnc machine, motors and controller, ball screws and nuts, x2 mill, no idea whey said he got more for the parts than compleat. There's no label on the motors.
    Speed of the spindle does that affect quality of cut or speed of cut.

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    Just speed of cut.

    I just ran through some figures, and for a standard polished HSS drill suitable for soft alu, gives aprox. 2500-3100rpm.
    The recommended feed rate is 0.19mm per rev, which equates to 475 to 590mm/min feed rate.

    To acheive those feed rates, requires 450N of thrust and a 0.25kw spindle, and that's with a sharp split point drill. With a dull standard point drill, those figures rise to nearly 700N and 0.33kw.

    However all those are theoretical, and just provide a best case to start from. Experience and experimentation on your particular machine will find the best for you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Razorab View Post

    Mach3 settings
    Steps per x 323.31 velocity x663.6 accel 77.708 step pulse x5 stepdir 5
    Your missing steps are not likely to be from cutting or drilling with wrong settings given the slow feeds you were using and the fact the head is so easy to move.
    Much more likely to be dropped pulses from either incorrect setup or poor parallel port.

    I see one potential cause so first Change the Step pulse=0 Dir= 5 and your missing steps may come back.

    Check the Kernal speed. If it's above 25K then drop to 25K and retune motors, you must retune motors.!!.
    Mach works best at 25K and the only reason to go higher is if you can't achieve the speeds you require and even then above 45K isn't advised unless very fast and stable PC.
    For your machine it doesn't need high Kernal speed and using at higher speeds will potentially make the system unstable.

    The steps per are bit Odd number at 323.31 and the number indicates micro stepping around 1600 with 5mm pitch screw which if your parallel port is struggling would put it under stress enough to drop steps.
    Consider dropping to 800 micro steps so the PP and PC are not working so hard.!. . Again you must retune the motors.

    First check Kernel speed and change if above 25K then change Step/Dir pulse then retune motors. IF kernel Ok then change Step/Dir and try again before changing any thing else.

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    [QUOTE=JAZZCNC;42305]Your missing steps are not likely to be from cutting or drilling with wrong settings given the slow feeds you were using and the fact the head is so easy to move.

    I think the step,losses was because the motor was stalling, the figures in motor settings were from using a digital callipers to measure the distance traveled in settings.
    easy way of calculating them, backlash was with a dial indicator.
    It's working ok as,I'm able to drill 20 odd holes 30mm deep and go back and drop the drill back down any of the holes. Lot of reading and experimenting at the moment. As they say turning big bits of scrap into smaller bits.

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