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    If it's close enough then I would say definitely worth a visit, as Stuart says the frame is a serious bit of kit so think about that for lifting & transporting. From the description the guy has already replaced the original electronics but check the motors as the original motors if still fitted may need replacing, the magnets on the slo syn motors deteriorate with time.
    Forget the starting point, if the machine is still in good condition then it will work fine as is, although you may want to consider changing the spindle. The porter cables are very noisy as Stuart has said. Mine now has a 2.2Kw water cooled spindle & VFD.
    Price is always a difficult one, have a look at it first but also work out what it would cost you to buy the same components & that's without all the time required to actually build a machine.

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    Hi Andy, good luck with your move down under, I hope it suits you well. I don't understand the comment about bed size being 12200x800. I have always understood that the system 48 (then name changed to AR 400) had a working area of 48"x48". Lots has been said by owners Martin and Stuboy on this thread, but I have seen the odd machine on ebay and they seem to make anything between 400-1500, but at the lower end they would almost certainly require the electronics replacing. If this is up and running, why strip it for parts, unless of course you want to cut ally!!
    Anyway, good luck with whatever you do. G.

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    Not so Geoffrey, there were 2 models one with a shortish bed & one with a longer bed. One I have is the shorter bed model, Think the maximum length for machining is just over 700mm but width is 1270mm
    You can actually fit a 5' wide sheet on the bed but would obviously need to support the overhang on the length.
    No problem cutting aluminium Geoffrey, cut a few bits on mine already, Gerber produced these for the signmaking market where they would be expected to cut foams, plastics & composites but the machines were hugely over engineered for their intended use.

    Yes good luck with what ever you decide Andy.

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    Thanks Martin. I have only encountered the larger model then. Glad to here that you have been cutting ally, but I suspect that you have been using sensilble DOC's. As you say, for their intended use they were well over engineered, which is why quite a few are still giving stirling service. G.

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    The Gerber-48 was within about 40km which in Aussie terms is very close, but unfortunately when I went back to eBay it had gone, so guess somebody did a Buy-It-Now. Oh well, if you snooze, you lose!
    Thanks All for your helpful responses though!
    Cheers, Andy

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