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    Hi guys
    I recently bought a cnc3040z off ebay and before i even run the thing im sorting out the poor cable quality and grounding issues etc mentioned by other owners.
    While ive got the thing stripped I thought it would be worth adding probe and limit switch outputs to the control box but wanted to know if anybody could confirm that the pinouts for probe and limit switches are is as it says on the board?
    Has anybody added these to one of these boards and did you have any problems?

    thanks :)

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    Hi, they do work :) Unfortunatly I had to ditch that board after it popped, but it was a great little board.

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    Yes limits and probe inputs are very simple things.
    IE: limits just take wire from the chosen (+) input and run thru NC (normaly closed) limit switches wired in series and return to (-) of the same Input or any spare ground terminal on the Board.
    Probe essentially works the same. Take wire from the (+) input to either a touch plate or dedicated probe. Then take another wire from the (-) or ground terminal and fasten to spindle or tool if spindle shaft is isolated from rest of spindle of machine.
    Often you'll find that you don't need the (-) negative wire has the spindle grounds thru the machine but you need to check to be sure by simple touching the plate to tool and checking the probe LED lights.

    Both limits and Probe inputs will need to be setup inside Mach3.

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    Thanks for the info Philly/JAZZCNC :)
    Re wire almost complete so should be up and running soon :)

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    Well what a disapointment :(
    Re wire complete and everything hooked up and guess what......yep EMI problems.
    Having paid close attention to not creating earth loops when grounding, replacing all cables with shielded cables and fitting ferrite rings the X axis stepper is twitching :(
    Looking at the scope it appears there is a massive ammount of EMI comming from the spindle motor and to be honest im at a loss as too how to reduce it having done everything previously recomended by other's.
    Maybe a new spindle motor ?
    Recomendations for a suitable replacement would be nice just in case it gets to that point.

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    thought it might be of interest to see whats happening

    cnc3040z_zps522443ac.mp4 Video by elvisbms | Photobucket

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    Hi there,

    I have a recent 6040 model, that I think is very similar. I was lucky enough to have it work just fine out of the box. I guess I was lucky!

    One thing that it could be: I've heard that some newer pcs only have 3.3volt outputs on the parallel port, which is not quit enough to properly drive the BOB. This might make it false step on the input. My PC is quite old, so it may not have been a problem.

    If you would like, I can make measurements on my working machine to compare... A sanity check really.

    Hope this helps.


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    Hi Ray

    Cheers for the offer of help m8 but im fairly happy at the minute :)
    Made a few changes to the earthing and shielding plus a change to the rebound settings and all seems good for now (fingers crossed)
    Done quit a bit of work on the machine recently cutting bits for an hot air engine (brass and ally) and although there are a few issues with accuracy its not doing to bad.

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