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    Hi All, i hope to gather enough info and then build a home cnc router. i have gathered some parts i.e. steppers, linear shafting and aluminum extrusion. i know i need a lot more so here i am to gather some info and some do's and don'ts.


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    welcome Paul, from what I have learned so far from the forum I would stop collecting parts until you have a solid design worked out. From reading the answers from some of the experts this can save you a lot of money in the long run basically because you have unknowingly bought parts that are not really suitable for the machine your building.
    I would start by reading through some of the build logs & then start a post of your own about the design, you will need to let people know what you want the machine to do, what sort of size machine your looking to build & the type of materials you want to be able to cut.

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    Cheers Martin,
    i haven't spent any money yet. i have collected step motors, power supplies , linear shafting qty.2 ( O.D. 25mm X 900mm Long) , 2 bearing blocks to suit ,15 mm profile linear guides qty. 2 ( 600 mm long). and 2 linear bearings to suit.
    these parts were surplice to requirements when the company i worked for closed down. i basically decided to build a cnc router that would accommodate these parts with a view to getting the m/c up and running. the ultimate aim is to m/c a guitar body and neck. so i think a m/c size 4' x 4' would do.

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    Hi Paul


    If you are into making guitar body's have a look over on CNCZONE and look for a guy called Haydon or Hayden I think it might be the latter, this might give you some inspiration and ideas.


    ps he has a few youtube video's as well.

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