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    Well at 950x 180x100 mm it wont fit in my vacuum chamber, I'd be tempted to make a mother mould out of fibre glass and pour the RTV into this, making a 1 piece skin mould which you then make a jewellers cut into to release the master. to produce the castings and whilst maiking the glove i'd be tempted to Vacuum bag it.
    Its not a process thats easy to explain, in text, and its a pain in the arse if you don't know what your doing.

    There are plenty of different methods of achieving the same objective, and many many different opinions on the right way, ( A bit like on here)
    But , a quick look on You tube "how to make a mother mould"
    Found this, Its not definitive by any means , but it shows the principle.

    Mold Making Techniques: Resin Mothermold Process - YouTube

    If you need any advice drop me a PM

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    Hello to all,
    Hey martin, the another process of manufacturing the product of mould making with injection making.. It is the quick and easy process..
    The mould design with CAD system that may be enables for manufacturing the products with high standard..

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