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    You could always try us, we have 500W motors for about £100, we also have drivers as well.

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    Well its been some time and several board revisions but I am getting there now with a brushed DC motor controller. Its going to control my 1Kw 36V motor for mill spindle. Had lots of fun with IR2110, HIP4081 and transient problems. As well as double sided PCB prototyping. Finally got a working controller a couple of weeks ago. It will control anything up to around 50V and up to a couple of KW. Have tested so far up to about 1KW.

    PWM works well and will brake and reverse nicely. RPM sensing via quadrature works nicely too.

    Now just to add cycle by cycle current control, thermal sensing, torque control and I2C for controlling it an I'll be done. Well apart from the next version powering the 12V and 5v part of the circuit from the motor supply ;).

    Having some fun with Analog to digital sensing for current control at the moment.

    Well here what Mk3 look like. Will post again when next revisions looking ok.


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    Any updates on this Simon ? what happened to the "MK3" ?

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