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    Your backlash problem in Mach 3 is caused by too low a setting in the Shuttle Acceleration( in general configuration) You should set this to about 0.01 to 0.05. Your backlash speed should be between 75% and 100% in backlash settings. For more information on this problem have a look in the Mach 3 forums.

    Harry Peacock

    ok thanks i will look into what you have suggested.

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    Are you cutting uphill or downhill? If you cut it oversize to remove the excess then finish cut downhill, tool flex ceases to be an undersize problem because it shies away from the job. May need a second pass at finished size to clear any excess
    What do you mean by downhill/uphill, is this the same as ramping?

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    What do you mean by downhill/uphill, is this the same as ramping?
    Hey maybe I just found out what ramping means, a mystery word to me :D

    Uphill is CW around internals, CCW around externals.
    Downhill vice versa.


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    Quite right - uphill cutting is against the rotation of the cutter, downhill, with the rotation of the cutter. So, for internal, downhill cuts this would be CCW and external cuts would be CW. 'Uphill' and 'downhill' milling are synonymous with 'climb' and 'conventional' milling. Some materials are better cut one way rather than the other. Most good CAM software gives you the option of either.

    Ramping, on the other hand, has a number of meanings. In terms of actual cutting it can mean the angle at which the tool approaches the work in the Z axis i.e. it enters the material along a slope. Ramping can also be used to express the rate at which a spindle gets up to speed.

    Isn't CNC and the English language wonderful????

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    Ramping can also be very useful for letting a cutter designed only for side cutting to do a plunge cut.

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