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    hey guys.

    They both say for fiberglass PCB and carbon but whats the best?

    High helix or the raspy type?

    Here are the links


    PCB Carbide Router CNC RASP DIAMOND 3.175mm NEW x10 | eBay

    High helix

    pcb drill CNC Carbide 3.1mm Zero Hits copper aluminium carbon fibre UK freepost | eBay

    If you know of any better within this price range and within the UK please let me know

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    Hi, the helix cutters are listed as drills. Do you want to drill or rout? G.

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    I need to mill/rout however I have noticed that all their bits are called drills if there mills or drills :S

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    The helix cutters need to have a sharpened edges at the bottom and are usually referred to as end mills. If you want to try one, PM me your address and I will send you one. G.

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    I've used these for cutting PCBs to size. Gave a very clean finish. However I've been told that carbon fibre leaves luch more fine abrasive dust than glass fibre. In that case the tool apparently wear very fast and a burr type is better.

    5x 1/8'' Carbide CNC Double/Two Flute Spiral Bits 12mm | eBay
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    Slightly on topic, where can you buy the sheet FR4 or similar fibreglass?

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