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    Also found this comedy piece at the bottom of one of the ebay pages for a spindle.

    Just... One more project...

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    Some of them have 'best offer' too but they've never accepted mine even when a quid lower

    Makes me feel like going else where. If they cant be arsed, i cant be arsed neither.
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    you cant really go elsewhere thats the point... doesnt matter where you look its 252 however i believe some people have managed to knock it down and i think jonathan recently said you can get one cheaper on aliexpress or something like that, i bought mine combined with the order of my rails and screws and i'm convinced i got the best price this way

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    recently been through exactly the same... im sure its all the same guy even though they are all different ebay accounts

    however, I did pay 252.. I went down the straight 252 route no postage off 'happykisssoul'

    item arrived prompty, excellant buy. faultless service.

    It may of been shipped from portsmouth. but it was still in its original packaging from china.

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    Also, why does the 0.8kw cost more than the 1.5kw?

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    I purchased mine from industry-village but the billing went to lovehappyshopping.

    I paid.... 252...

    Funny that.

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    Use best offer and you can get it for a bit less. Also include international listings for further potential discounts...

    Quote Originally Posted by wilfy View Post
    jonathan recently said you can get one cheaper on aliexpress or something like that
    Yep, or get a better one.
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    Makes me laugh that folks will mess about for hours getting all worked up chasing 5-10 saving for something that would cost three times as much, take twice the delivery time if made in this country.!!

    Don't be so BLOODY TIGHT ARSED and buy the thing they are worth every penny and there's nothing better for the money.!

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    LOL for the QA cert, serif font tippexed in as well , seen an SGS test cert that has looked similar, like a bad fax but they emailed it...

    Ebay is not seller friendly, multiple identities and multiple ways of listing are the only way of maintaining visibilty, hence the various combo prices.

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    this is why i just coupled my spindle with my rails and bearings order.. i paid 550 for all my rails, bearings, screws and spindle... nothing even come close to that price and i used a trusted person who many members have used here and i got exactly what i paid for.. first package came in 10 days from order and second package come 3 days later.. only extra cost was the 22 fedex are trying to charge me for over this side but i'm delaying as much as possible to pay them

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