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    Makes me laugh that folks will mess about for hours getting all worked up chasing 5-10 saving for something that would cost three times as much, take twice the delivery time if made in this country.!!

    Don't be so BLOODY TIGHT ARSED and buy the thing they are worth every penny and there's nothing better for the money.!
    I'm from Scotland, I can't help it

    Can't say I spent hours though, I may have spent more time drawing the doodle for this thread actually haha.
    Just... One more project...

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    I'm not sure why this is supposed to take hours, just stick '2.2kw spindle' in the search box and sort by price and a few minutes later you'll find this:

    229.70 at time of writing, with shipping via Fedex or DHL so within 3-7 days. The spindle I ordered from ali-express most recently came without customs charges, although that was one with lower run-out and ceramic bearings so more expensive.
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    Damnit Jonathan, I was going to get the 1.5kw but for about 40 extra I can upgrade, need to save a little longer now. :D

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    Remember the collets are genearally smaller an the 1.5kW spindles. That's probably a bigger concern than the power difference.
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    Old router build log here. New router build log here. Lathe build log here.
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    I'm trying to decide if I will ever need larger sized bits, at the moment I dont, but if I do in the future it will only be for foam.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Philly View Post
    Also, why does the 0.8kw cost more than the 1.5kw?
    Supply and demand.
    If you really need one for a smaller motor, just get the 1.5kw and change the current limit settings to suit the smaller motor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wilfy View Post
    only extra cost was the 22 fedex are trying to charge me for over this side but i'm delaying as much as possible to pay them
    Sorry for off topic: best to pay that wilfy or they'll set the debt collectors on you, from my experience anyway. After that happened to me I used DHL for a similar order and they paid the import VAT for me and said I didn't owe them anything! :D

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