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    Mine looks to be M8 or around there.
    How many fittings do you want, got a few 2.2Kw spindles here that I'm not using at present and i can rob them to get you out the sheeite
    John S -

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    Just checked the two I have - they're both M8x1.0.
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    The one i have is M8x1.0 also
    If the nagging gets really bad......Get a bigger shed:naughty:

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    thanks guys i only need one to replace the one that snapped off.
    I would be most greatful to accept one from any of you. ( i'll let you fight it out amounst yourselves )
    i assume you can PM me for details ( i can send a self addressed and paid for jiffy bag )
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    I have just bought a spindle from here happykisssoul:-
    214.95 inc del. All seem to be ok and well packed ...Clive

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    Quote Originally Posted by Clive S View Post
    I have just bought a spindle from here happykisssoul:-
    214.95 inc del. All seem to be ok and well packed ...Clive
    Hi Clive you got a better deal than I did at 221 but I'm not complaining!. Thanks to everyone on this thread and Lee for making it a sticky. Finally got it all wired up and set the PD functions as advised by Jonathan and hey presto it works!
    Very quiet and very smooth. Some tips:

    1. Read the manual
    2. Fit crimp on spade terminals (2.5mmm blue) to your wiring when connecting to the VFD. It gives a solid secure connection.
    3. Use 2.5mm2 mains lead to your VFD.
    4. Use good quality shielded cable between the VFD and the spindle. I used SY cable 4 conductors at 1.5mm2 which I got for an amazing price from a local Commercial Cable Supplier. Earth the screen at the VFD end but not the spindle end. You can electrically earth the spindle by connecting up the 4th pin at the spindle end but you will have to take the end-cap off to make sure you run a wire from the pin to one of the bolts that keeps the end cap on the spindle.
    5. Use shrink tubing on the wires inside the spindle connector to avoid shorts. These wires are soldered.
    6. Read the manual
    7. Check all connections for correctness and shorts before powering up.
    8. Set the pd function values by pressing the "PGRM" button, then the ^V buttons to get to the pd function you want then "set" to display and change the values by using the >> key. Then Set to save the value and exit. This bit took me the longest to work out!
    9. When all set then RUN to test.

    If I've made any mistakes in the above please let me know. As I said the hardest part was knowing how to enter and change the pd values!

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    Thanks for the heads up on the info. Re the earthing I replaced one of the scoket mounting screws with a longer one (3mmx30mm) so it went right through and stuck out inside then I soldered a cable on to pin 4 of the socket and soldered a ring on the other end, I then put this over the screw on the inside and locked it off with a washer and locknut.

    I am using 4 core .75 cy cable (55p + vat) from here Cy Cable Per Meter 4 core but not got around to testing it yet. ..Clive

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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	ImageUploadedByTapatalk1374219697.298141.jpg 
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ID:	9309 just thought id share, I had a problem with a cracked fitting for the water cooling on my spindle and found these things fit and work ok. It's called a banjo and can be found on eBay with the correct thread fitting of m8x1 also makes cableing neater as all the pipes and wires run nearer each other.

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    Could somebody post the spanner sizes required
    1.) for the er20 collet nut
    2.) for the spindle shaft (used to hold spindle still to unwind collet nut)

    obviously these spindles dont come with the spanners, so Im just trying to order some... but im at work and therefore not near my spindle


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