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    The standard nuts that come with the spindles require a 32mm spanner. Not sure about the other spanner.. it's about 20mm, but it does vary between spindles so don't order that without confirmation.
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    The one that has just been delivered here (last week) I noticed that out of the box the spindle didnt turn... I tried to force it but couldnt grip the spindle. so made a mount... so I could grip it. then managed to release the spindle using a spanner on its throat / shaft

    now im concerned.. because now its all wired up... it seems to make more noise than it should... this is quite hard to explain in words.. ive previously owned three of these spindles, and none of them seemed this noisy.

    do I, A return it (got it from one of these UK suppliers operating out of portsmouth on ebay), or B run it and hope it beds itself in?

    is there any way of greasing them?
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    This might explain it, imagine a slide hammer where the sliding weight is the spindle rotor, now imagine the package being dropped on it's end, it's possible the rotor has moved through the bearings and is now catching on the frame. Can you see evidence of shaft having moved ?. During reassembly of motors it's often found that a tap at one or both ends of the rotor shaft with a hide hammer seems to free things up nicely and removes any tight spots.

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    If enough force has been applied to the spindle to push the angular contact bearings out of alignment, then the bearings are seriously damaged. I'd return it as it's clearly faulty. This isn't just a generic motor, it's a spindle which uses 'super precision' bearings, for good reason. Having dismantled one of these spindles, I can't really see how it could seize without it being permanently damaged.

    If returning is not possible, you may have to replace the bearings which is not too difficult, just expensive.
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    Hi do these spindles really get shipped from the uk or are their hidden import charges. Thanks

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    as far as I can tell, the majority of the ones on 'ebay uk' that boast UK shipping, are, UK shippers.

    Personally I think although there are 20 different 'seller accounts' selling them, they are all in portsmouth.

    Now I am returning them... I have an actual address. which resolves to a generic unbranded unit

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    to be fair, they deliver next day, well packaged and have always been good at sorting any problems out

    maybe a touch more expensive than the UK

    I used 'love-happyshopping'

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    Thanks for the info the prices have gone up to 1220.00 OMG

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    They put the price up when they are out of stock. Give it a few days and it'll come back down.

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    Oh ok so if I buy from say lovehappyshopping am I right in saying no duty or anything to be paid? thought this was a bit of a lie as item was really coming from china.

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    Hi can i ask what's the best ebay make a offer price for a 2.2kw water cooled spindle that's being accepted. Im thinking of getting a different inverter as it seems people don't rate the huanyang vfd. Thanks

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