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    Im looking for a supplier of knurled nuts / thumbwheels in black like the one i have in the image or a very close variation to it,its about 15mm wide with a m5 tap through it,i need hundreds of them if any knows of a place,thanks.
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    The chances are you probably wont find an item like this off the shelf. I produce parts like this in volume on a regular basis on automatic lathes, which are most suited this style of work compared to cnc running up big motors and high running costs.

    I would advise you stay away from chemical blacking if its feasible. Most of it this days is a bit hit and miss quality wise, and will rust, sometimes prematurely sometimes in several years, but it will rust sooner or later. If you could live with bright zinc plating I would go down that route if the job would allow. Barrel plating is a cost effective way to plate in bulk and much more rust resistant.

    You can see examples of automatic style of work on my site In the automatics page. http://wardeng.co.uk

    Kind regards,

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