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    Here's a quick spreadsheet which generates random G-code rapid moves (so just G0) within a specified area. It's useful for testing your motor tuning since it will cause the machine to tend to move in all directions with rapid changes in direction. I find it works well if you try a few different areas, so try it with the area set to be the whole bed, another with it a small area (25mm squared for instance) and another to test mainly Z. That way you can be reasonably confident that the machine wont stall in any position on the bed, or when cutting small parts with high acceleration. I have attached a few pieces of example code.

    To use it just enter the co-ordinates in the blue cells, copy column A and save it in notepad. Then open the file on your machine.
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    (Currently can't attach .xls files here, so I changed the file extension to .txt - put it back to .xls and it will open in MS Excel or Open Office)


    Random screenshot:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Thanks for this Jonathan, about to use it on a new machine.

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    Just finished my machine, so will try it on that.

    Many thanks Paul

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