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    Here I have a Boxford DUET up for sale. this is a CNC milling machine and lathe in one compact package.

    comes with the original Boxford power box (as seen in photo) but I have no software as the computer blew up when I bought it. still have computer if somebody knows how to salvage any software off it?? the wires for the machine also needs wiring up as can bee seen in photo. unfortunately I have never seen this machine in action. but it seems to me that its seen very little action. every thing looks in very good order.

    This would be ideal machine to convert to Mach3 as it is a 2 in 1 machine. this has a 6 position tool changer so you dont have to change tools for every event.

    600 for quick sale. grab yourself a bargain

    This machine can be collected or can be palleted for delivery if requested

    pm me if you are genuainly interested

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    hi pal have you still got your lathe for sale

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    Is this still for sale ?

    I cannot open your photos !

    Thanks, Gordon.

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