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    Got to say, I'm impressed with it, its a 1.5kw chinese jobby. It was very well packaged and after unwrapping it all I'm surprised to see that it has 3 collets with it(3.1, 4, 6mm).

    The look and feel of it definitely makes me think it is a quality item, didn't realise how heavy it was going to be though. I hope my Z can lift it All in all I'm happy with it, it arrived 2 days after ordering(arrived at the same time as my timber order ) and really feels like a good piece of kit, going to fire it up as soon as I find some wire to hook it up :)


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    Does yours come with the four pin plug/connector? is there an earth inside or are just the three wires connected?


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    Just checked, its 4 pin connector, whats the difference?

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    See this thread http://www.mycncuk.com/forums/diy-cn...e-spindle.html
    mentions adding an earth to the socket

    i also have a 1.5kw and it looks doable just not done it yet

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    Managed to get it fitted yet Phil?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Musht View Post
    Managed to get it fitted yet Phil?

    Not yet, need to make and adapter plate so I can order a spindle mount that will fit :)

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