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    Hi Lee, slightly off topic, but we have a card/vynal cutter that uses SVG. I have tried exporting DXF into inkscape (SVGexport), but it seems to change the scale, and even then it does not work very well. Is there an easy way to get an SVG output? Thanks, G.

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    Sorry i dont have any experience with this, i've moved your post to a new thread and titled it for you, will also add forum support for SVG now :).


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    what plotter & what software are you using Geofrey

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    Hi Martin, machine is an 18" silver bullet and the software is SCAL (sure cuts a lot). Any thing produced in scal works fine, but it is easier for me to draw in a cad program, and then export to SCAL. I do have an older version of cad std pro which does give an SVG output, but the SCAL software just does't see it. G.

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    Never heard of it Geofrey lol, what operating system are you running, different programs import file extensions very well or very badly it's knowing what software works well with which file extensions.
    I can ask on the other forum I use what vector program works well with importing DXF files. If your running an older operating system then you might be able to pick up a used copy of a program cheaply.

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    Give inkscape a go? not sure it supports layers for dxf but it is free?

    Inkscape. Draw Freely.
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    I tried Inkscape, but it seems reluctant to export in SVG after dxf import. It also seems to make everything very small. Items drawn in Inkscape seem to be ok. G.

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    I should have read your first entry, sorry

    the only other suggestion is Heekscad which handles svg and dxf?
    If the nagging gets really bad......Get a bigger shed:naughty:

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    Thanks 2e0poz, I will have a look at Heekscad to see if there is a trial download. I don't mind purchasing some software if it is reasonably priced, user friendly and will do the job so would need to try it first. Over the years I have tried several cad packages that did not really suit,so I am a bit more cautious now. G.

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    Lucky for you it's free :-)
    If the nagging gets really bad......Get a bigger shed:naughty:

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