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    I don't suppose you can do 12mm x 3mm RH trapezoidal thread Delrin nuts, can you? I've had two goes now at making a tap from bits of lead screw, but both have been too soft to cut the bits of molybdenum filled Nylon I have - they end up twisting.

    I also need a couple of 300mm lengths of 20mm round rail, four carriages and four support brackets, as I've decided to change the design of my Z axis.


  2. Sending you a PM now mate :)

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    Thanks Lee.


  4. Quote Originally Posted by progomez View Post
    It looks the same. What about I buy 1 8mmx8mm now and if it doesnt fit ill buy a 6,35x6,35 to make a pair.

    Hold on the delrin nuts for now although I may build a cnc to sell and will need them for that.

    Email an invoice and ill pay with paypal.
    Whats your paypal address mate? email it to me.

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    Thanks for the parts, Lee. All arrived OK and look to be just the job!


  6. Quote Originally Posted by Jeremy View Post
    Thanks for the parts, Lee. All arrived OK and look to be just the job!

    Hi sorry i ment to email you regarding that order, glad you recived them ok. Dont forget to run your new design past me, nothing like seeing your own kit put to use ;)

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    Just to be clarify ....these delrin drive nuts, would allow me to connect my M8 threaded rod (lead screw), to my stepper motor shaft (which I think is 6.35mm - from recollection).

    Would these need any modd'ing or are they ready to rock?

    If so, could you please quote me for 3 of them (inc delivery - UK based )

  8. No they are used as nuts that run up and down your threaded rod, as the motor turns the threaded rod your axis table moves :).


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    Now I'm confused.

    the post is entitled Delrin Drive nut (& it was always my interpretation that a drive nut is like the pic you've just posted above!), but in post 5 on this same thread (ie back on page ), has this photo...

    in that photo they look like couplers? (so the thread morphed a little & confused me!)

    (original post - [ame=""]MYCNCUK - View Single Post - Delrin drive nut (lee)[/ame] )

    Do you still sell the pictured couplers as mentioned in the photo in 'post 5' of this thread for 7 each? (specifically M8 threaded rod to stepper shaft of 6.35mm diameter)

    I reckon there's a good business op for someone to knock these couplers out at a reasonable 'pack of three' cost! (as all the couplers I've seen to date would mean if I bought them, it would result in more cost than the rest of my whole CNC build!)
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    The thread is about drive nuts, but in post 5 he says "I also have some of these" above the couplers photo.

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