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    I don't suppose you can do 12mm x 3mm RH trapezoidal thread Delrin nuts, can you? I've had two goes now at making a tap from bits of lead screw, but both have been too soft to cut the bits of molybdenum filled Nylon I have - they end up twisting.

    I also need a couple of 300mm lengths of 20mm round rail, four carriages and four support brackets, as I've decided to change the design of my Z axis.


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    Sending you a PM now mate :)

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    Thanks Lee.


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    Quote Originally Posted by progomez View Post
    It looks the same. What about I buy 1 8mmx8mm now and if it doesnt fit ill buy a 6,35x6,35 to make a pair.

    Hold on the delrin nuts for now although I may build a cnc to sell and will need them for that.

    Email an invoice and ill pay with paypal.
    Whats your paypal address mate? email it to me.

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    Thanks for the parts, Lee. All arrived OK and look to be just the job!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeremy View Post
    Thanks for the parts, Lee. All arrived OK and look to be just the job!

    Hi sorry i ment to email you regarding that order, glad you recived them ok. Dont forget to run your new design past me, nothing like seeing your own kit put to use ;)

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    Just to be clarify ....these delrin drive nuts, would allow me to connect my M8 threaded rod (lead screw), to my stepper motor shaft (which I think is 6.35mm - from recollection).

    Would these need any modd'ing or are they ready to rock?

    If so, could you please quote me for 3 of them (inc delivery - UK based )

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    No they are used as nuts that run up and down your threaded rod, as the motor turns the threaded rod your axis table moves :).


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    Now I'm confused.

    the post is entitled Delrin Drive nut (& it was always my interpretation that a drive nut is like the pic you've just posted above!), but in post 5 on this same thread (ie back on page ), has this photo...

    in that photo they look like couplers? (so the thread morphed a little & confused me!)

    (original post - [ame=""]MYCNCUK - View Single Post - Delrin drive nut (lee)[/ame] )

    Do you still sell the pictured couplers as mentioned in the photo in 'post 5' of this thread for 7 each? (specifically M8 threaded rod to stepper shaft of 6.35mm diameter)

    I reckon there's a good business op for someone to knock these couplers out at a reasonable 'pack of three' cost! (as all the couplers I've seen to date would mean if I bought them, it would result in more cost than the rest of my whole CNC build!)
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    The thread is about drive nuts, but in post 5 he says "I also have some of these" above the couplers photo.

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