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    Some of you may recall, during my build I managed to acquire an electrical cabinet to house my electronics for my machine

    Well, the same guy who sorted me out with that has just bought two of these up to my office

    Click image for larger version. 

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    they look brand new. It appears they are 100amp 3 way breakers

    make me an offer!. I shant be offended...

    29cm wide 43cn high, 13.5 deep

    the front is obviously a door.
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    Well I was going to say I'll give you 10 + whatever the postage is, but I've just looked on ebay and electrical cabinets seem to go for 100+ so I dunno lol

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    Matt, sent u a PM.

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    400 x 300 x 150 45 each brand new.
    John S -

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    Quote Originally Posted by John S View Post
    400 x 300 x 150 45 each brand new.
    Are you referring to following ones, which are 45+VAT, or do you know of a place to get them for 45 including VAT?

    Metal Enclosures IP65
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    Don't you get the VAT back Jonathan ?
    John S -

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    Quote Originally Posted by John S View Post
    Don't you get the VAT back Jonathan ?
    Tut Tut John..
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    Most electrical wholesalers will do that sort of size for around 40 - 50 new. I've bought enclosures for a couple of quid from the scrapyard in the past but it's very hit and miss as to whether or not they have machinery/bankruptcy stock/etc.

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    I would be intrested if the price was right.

  10. I am also very interested depending on price.
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