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    due to the amount of interest, both on here and on pms Id better specify a price. ive had numerous offers of 20 quid. so I think thats fair? ideally I dont want to faff about posting however I will if necessary they weigh 4.5kg probably due to the maHOOsive pilon switch inside them! plus id have to find a box so they didn't end up all scratched etc

    so 20 is the price, first come first serve. that way im keeping everybody happy whilst ensuring they are not sat here for months on end.

  2. Well that counts me out as I am all the way down on the Isle Of Wight. , lol
    "If first you don't succeed, redefine success"

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    I'm the best part of 100 miles north of you. Counts me out if you dont want to good if you did though

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    I'll have them and collect.

    BTW wasn't being clever over posting the other boxes, just pointing out what new costs. If you only deal with the likes of RS etc you get skewed ideas of cost
    John S -

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    I contemplated buying these today but thought I'd give someone new a chance as I've still not used the ones I got on eBay months ago.

    Quote Originally Posted by John S View Post
    Don't you get the VAT back Jonathan ?
    Would be nice if I could...
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    Hi John S, did you have both of these in the end?

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    Yup, bought both.
    John S -

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    Hi guys, I have one of these for sale as I underestimated the amount of thing that actually go into one of these so have one for sale as per original image and 1x galvanised steel box approx 200 x 200 x 150.
    I'm after 25 for the control box and will update the price for the galvanised one once I find out how much I paid for it.
    Both as new!
    Would prefer collection - based in birmingham

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