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    Hello all, I was looking for info on drilling brass and I stumbled upon this most excellent site. I don't have any CNC equipment yet, but would be interested to know what's available for a Myford Super7. I'm in Ontario, Canada and like working on my older motorcycles and am a hobby machinist. I'll spend some time looking around this site !
    Cheers Cooter

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    Hi Cooter

    Welcome, what motorcycles do you own?


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    Based on an ML7 but still relevant reading

    Myford ML-7 lathe CNC conversion - Part 1: Leadscrew
    John S -

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    Hi Ray, do i detect another bike enthusiast ? Presently I have a 1989 Harley FXRS, 1978 Yamaha XS650, 1969 Triumph T120R and 1968 BSA 441 Shooting Star. The T120R is undergoing a major restoration, I'm eagerly awaiting spring. What do you ride? Cooter

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    Hi John, Thanks for that info on the Myford. That would be a very useful addition. It is duly noted in "future projects". Cheers Cooter


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