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    Wilfy, give roy at ringwood precision engineering a try: 20mm Diameter 1000mm long bright mild steel round bar £10

    Got to be cheaper than the precision rail we use here for building...

    EDIT: Forgot to say, i've used this type of rail with SMA bearing units to build my own type of draw runners, been no problems.

    EDIT 2: Think i'v got some new SMA20 units still boxed if you do use them, PM if intrested.

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    Reads like a good idea to me, do you already have a frame for this?

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    Wilfy,I had realized from a previous post that your lads have some problems. My niece has two boys (12 + 14) with duchenes m.d. so we are aware of the effort it takes. The luxurios comment was made with a smile, nothing will ever be too good for your lads. G.

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    How about the draw slides they use in Server racks? these really are heavy duty and take weight much higher that your TV. As somebody said here before the slides from screwfix are heavy duty, i used them for an X axis as an experiment and was pleasantly surprised.

    Drawer Runners 500mm |
    If the nagging gets really bad......Get a bigger shed:naughty:

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    ok well i just bagged a set of bearings and nearly all supports for 20mm rails these i know will be better than a set of draw runners and the price is better which certainly helps.

    as i've been thinking about it tonight i could make this not need electric to start off with and then adapt that at a later date when my missus isnt stressing as much lol... watch for a build log for it on way :D i may even post a van thread aswell

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    Quote Originally Posted by wilfy View Post
    I dunno just some random thing I seen on ebay for around 50quid but the rails I quickly price were around that price again if not a little more. Looks like I'll have to stick some overtime in if Geoffrey's contact doesn't give me a good price.

    As for it being luxurious sure it is, but it's a one time cost and its not likely we'll be going back to a car anytime soon. One of my boys is really behind on development and the other is even further behind due to prem birth and also due to the fact he has movement issues.

    We both do a lot of driving and considering all the problems the boys have I don't consider a tv in the back to keep them occupied that big of a cost. I remember big long journeys as a kid with naff all to do in a car, I'd have loved a 24" tv and the way I see it is money is there to be spent, you can't enjoy it when it's sat in the bank.

    Sorry to go off that wasn't a rant just can't help myself sometimes :)
    Are we there yet??

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    see i knew it was a good idea posting up on here about this topic.. whilst not strictly cnc, i still achieved the result i was after cheaper ways of making what i wanted.

    big thanks to Lee for letting me have these for a good price and it was nice to meet a CnC member face to face for the first time, it was quite obvious if i wasnt working we coulda chatted for hours.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Brilliant. You'l have the best Z axis Vivaro in town. G.

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    Nice to meet you as well Chris, if you need a lift with anything mate just give me a bell.


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    so we have a kind of design... i've laredy re-done bit of this again, but it took me ages to make this nice picture so i'm sure you'll understand it

    Click image for larger version. 

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    and here is the van and where it is going, behind the front seats of course

    Click image for larger version. 

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