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    thanks to everyone who replayed to me i have ago and see the best way to do this and let you know which way is best
    Would masking tape help? How about:
    1. Paint the board pink and allow to dry
    2. Cover the pink paint with masking tape
    3. Engrave (through the maskingtape)
    4. Paint the black letters with a brush or spray paint. (surface is protected by cut through tape)
    5. Remove masking tape

    Don't know, have not tried this, but it seems like it might just work.


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    Not so sure that would work Jay, masking tape doesn't always cut that cleanly so you could end up with lots of jagged edges plus it is likely to lift a little leading to dust under the edges. Not tried it either but can see those 2 things being a problem, stencil mask would probably work better as it tends to cut much better but that would be quite a bit more expensive.

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