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    Hi all
    iv been looking for the best method of connecting my timing pullys to the stepper mators and ball screws.
    on my first build i used grubscrews directly onto the shafts and had problems with them slipping and recking the end of the shaft/screw
    So having serched the forum i visited various websites recommended by various members until i came accross these at Beltingonline.com, Supplier of power transmission and conveying products
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    Taperlock Bushes
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    the question is has anyone had any any experiance for these ?

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    Taperlock is by far the most common out of those two, however they're normally only available in steel, which if you want to accelerate/decelerate things fast, can add a noticeable bit of weight and affect performance. They are however common place across lots of industrial applications, meaning they're readily available.

    Alloy pulleys, properly keyed on is a far lighter option, and much better where you need to change speeds quickly. I wouldn't rely soley on a radial grubscrew to transmit drive, and would look at some form of proper lock. Be that a key, drive pin, taper pin, bolt/nut, or grubscrew/bolt axially between the pulley/shaft.
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    Another option is clamp style ones. e.g.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    But not seen anyone selling them cheapish...
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