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    Only just got round to reading this thread and I may be able to help.

    A few years ago i built a Shumatech DRO system which uses red LED's but in bright light you see all the variation on the led display so a 6 looks a lot like an 8.

    Some one posted a link to some red film that once put over the display made it clearer.

    As I couldn't get any of this film, it was US sourced I tried using some clear OHP inkjet projection film printed solid red and it worked.

    Perhaps given the price of OHP film being low you could experiment with various colours ??
    John S -

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    Could try theatre colour filter, gel, not self adhesive though , sandwiching in between 2 layers of clear acrylic works at a push.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Musht View Post
    Could try theatre colour filter,
    This stuff might work


    If not you could always try rear projection film, that will definitely work.

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    I think I may have some OHP sheets around somewhere. I'm currently wondering if a layer of vinyl, then a more opaque frosted perspex would work better, as I've just been doing some searching, and it seems frosted vinyl only comes in light/pale colours.

    One goal I want is an anti-glare finish, which is best acheived with a dark satin/matt/frost finish.

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    Either matt or translucent vinyl would do you, no need for frosted acrylic

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    Just a thought as I was sitting here this morning. Is it just the glare that is causing problems? If so have you tried a clear matt laminate? Clear laminates are used over digital prints for a number of different reasons, they are basically a clear vinyl but available in gloss, Matt, satin & crystal finishes.

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    Have you tried - they cut to size. You can always phone or email for a price.

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