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    Sometimes you have to invert the pins for one of the motors if you use two on X, you can tell this if the motors go in opposite directions. Without checking there should be a pin for charge pump? would need to go and check my setup? if you need it then you can not test in the config wizard if i remember rightly. Somebody correct me if i'm wrong?
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    Pin 1 is the charge pump (enable). Swarfing is correct, the "test axis" buttons in the config wizard don't work if your BOB needs the charge pump signal, however you can test in the software itself. HINT: you need to click the "power on" button and "toggle e-stop" in the software before you can run gcode. Then you can test each axis in the software using either the jog functions, entering gcode manually into the MDI tab or by importing and running a gcode file.

    Longer term, I'd suggest you install DraftSight CAD and dxf2gcode. Then you can quickly create drawings, save them as dxf and then run the dxf2gcode program to create gcode. There are probably better ways to do that, but I'm also a LinuxCNC newby and that is the easiest way I've found so far...

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    Thanks chaps.
    I'm only using 3 motors as it will be a light weight system for plasma.
    Currently motors are not mounted - I was just hoping for movement!!
    If the test bit does not work I'll have to move on a little further and see if I can get it to run a simple bit of code. Cheers,


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