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    Am I missing something here???

    x1pcs 60mm x 120mm Aluminium Profile 450mm long | eBay

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  2. lol theres no more then 20 for that bit... typical marchantdice

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    Funny you should post this, i was just about to close the laptop for the night but thought i'd jump on quick and see if there was aything new...

    So anyway i was just looking at these: x1pcs-CNC-Shaft-Support-Bearing-Ballscrew-Trapezoidal-608-2Z

    I then went on to look at these: x4pcs-CNC-Flanged-Bearing-Ballscrew-Trapezoidal-6000-2Z

    I then finished up on the "Meet The Team Page": Marchant Dice Ltd - Marchant Dice Team, always nice to put a face to a name.

    They've always been innovative them lot !

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  4. Suppose with all the "Team" they have got, they need to pull folks pant down n give em a wrongen from time to time.... actually.. all the time!! :D


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