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    i just feel the need to say how happy i am after dealing with these guys today.

    very simple well oiled operation they have got going.

    i was going to order the steel for my cnc from these guys and have it delivered but i'm still some way off paying for everything at the moment.

    i've been after some 20mm bar and noticed these guys were a good price but i didnt want to order one thing from them so thought about getting a length of box section to go toward my build.

    walked in after a quick chat on the phone where they basicly told me they had a trade counter and i can just pop down and walk in. ordered my stuff and asked about having a 7.6mtr length cut to size..

    no problem, he said it'll be 50p per cut well i only needed 2 cuts to make it fit in the van so took him up on that for him then not to charge me for the cutting.

    walked in to warehouse served straight away and had a 7.6mtr box cut in 3 pieces and the flat bar and round bar i ordered within 10 minutes.

    they do deliver, and also have a trade counter so if you find one of these guys near you it might be worth popping in
    The UK's Wrought Iron Components Specialists - F H Brundle

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