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    oppoligies in advance for the ebay link,ive just snapped the last of my 4mm 22 cut length single flute cutters half way through a job,
    i,l have to order more but at a month waiting are there any uk sellers any one knows of?i dont mind paying a bit extra or if you have a set not usedwhat ive managed to find so far are multi flute and the cut length to short.
    im supprised none of the uk sellers dont stock up on these and knock them out,id gladly pay more save waiting 3/4 weeks cheers.
    5x 4mm Carbide CNC Router Bits Single Flute Tools 22mm | eBay

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    hmm 8mm flute lengths a bit short,thanks

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    I've got 3 new ones left with 18mm flute length. You can have them for whatever they cost me from China.

    EDIT: Just noticed I've reground one of them, so it's like new except 1mm shorter.
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    Cutwel have some but they are 43 a pop [ gulp ]
    They do have some reasonable 2 flute in uncoated carbide with up to 25mm flute length.
    John S -

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    nice one johns ,1 for the price of 15
    ive just bought a load fortunately theres an option to get em here quicker,still a wait though,

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