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    sorry ian.. john was first to say he'd take them, and he's coming to collect as well which is less hassle for me getting them shipped out
    No problem Wilfy. Hope you get yourself sorted with a new house/garage/shed.

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    Really sorry to hear about this Wilfy, would it not be a better idea to hold on to them for a few weeks until you are sure you aren't going to find somewhere with a garage. You don't want to find you have parted with it only to find you end up buying exactly the same again.
    Best of luck with the move, done it a few times myself over the years & never seems to get any easier.

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    chances are very slim to find a property with a garage and if i did, it's likely it'll be too small. we will be top of the council list once they sort themselves out and provided we get a place with a big enough garden then i can build it exactly how i want to then which will mean i have more space for the cnc so will likely want to build a bigger machine anyway.

    with having to pay for carpets, decorating ect (council houses are 100% bare so there is more to do.. we just cant afford to move and this money will get put to good use. it cost us best part of 500 to move in to the house we are in now.. a council house will cost double that i'm sure of it.

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    Sorry to read all of the above wilfy, hope it all goes well for you and sometime in the future you will get a CNC machine going.

    All the best,

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    Sorry to read this Chris....nightmare...


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    You know best Wilfy & John will put them to good use I'm sure, it was just that sometimes when things go wrong people don't think as clearly s they might so a little nudge sometimes helps.
    As for Council places if you haven't already then check to see what help is available, I was homeless & when I got a council flat I was given a small grant to help with decorating, not a lot but it all helps. I also got what they class as essentials, cooker, fridge, washing machine, carpets & net curtains. Those items weren't free because my service invaliding pension counted as an income but I didn't have to pay for them all upfront, just paid so much a month added on to my rent until they were paid for, I believe if your not working there is no charge for them, I know all councils work differently but worth checking with yours.

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    It is also worth checking freecycle and ebay constantly, a lot of people will list nice furniture or white goods for 99p simply because they want someone to move it for free.

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