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    Hi could some one please help me i am trying (but not doing very well) to find a font that i can cut out letters out of 18mm mfd so they can stand up on there there a font out there? also i want to cut a name out again in mdf but i want all the letters to be together as one thanks very much if someone can help me or point me in the right direction

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    What sort of size are you going to cut these letters at as this will help determine what might be suitable. Why do they need to stand by themselves as it wouldn't be difficult to support each letter from the back plus have you thought about how to deal with the centres of letters which would need to be supported.
    As for letters being joined together then a script of some sort is probably the best way to go but again size will have to be taken into account as the stroke width may become to thin & fragile with certain scripts espexially if cut small.

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    Hi martin they are going to be 12" tall 18mm mdf i have seen a photo of letters that stand up but i cant find the font anywhere

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    Quote Originally Posted by cockneyrebel View Post
    Hi martin they are going to be 12" tall 18mm mdf i have seen a photo of letters that stand up but i cant find the font anywhere
    Not sure what you mean by standing up but a photo would rsolve (as with the font type..)?

    For joined script have a look at Mistral TTF which is what I use in vinyl...

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    If you post a picture I can probably tell you what they have used, I'm guessing a square type font. At that size they aren't going to be very stable though if only 18mm deep. Certain letters like "F P T V" may not work unless modified. You sure they didn't have a support behind them or a peg pushed into the ground.
    Will check to see what's on the design computer up at the unit latter.
    Script wise something like commercial script wouldn't be to bad a choice, not the nicest script but easy enough to read & reasonable stroke width, kerning needs altering to join letters & then they would need welding together so they cut as one & not individual letters.

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    hi here is what i am looking for

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    That's just times roman with a flat added at the bottom, you could do that to just about any font you want. You just need to modify it in the cad software you are using, simple enough to do.

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    hi thanks for getting bk to me i know what you are saying but i am new to this not sure how to do this the letter are G and J i try ed to to add a bit to the letters in vcarve pro but it dont look right at all

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    Why can't you use any suitable font and then just change the outlines to geometries and then modify the bottoms to make them freestanding. the same applies to linking letters together to make words. If necessary I can draw something for you to show what I mean. Martins point about centre pieces would of course still apply and you would have to include supports or styalise the font. G.

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    I started to reply some time ago, but was dragged away part way through and I see Martin has just said something very similar!!

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