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Hi Rick

Unfortunately not as it has expired on Ebay (bought last December) & seller has not listed since, but the blurb is:

This is a New cnc router

Factory direct sales;
Can be customized and wholesale;

CD files will help you complete the Set up;

connected to the computer;will be able to work;
Including installed the spindle and CNC controllers ;

and Pipes; 50w pump; cutter; parallel port cable; 4 clips;

Any quality problems; 3 months ; can return!!!!!!

production design your own 3D models and 3D works of art,

Can use it to carving PCB board,

The routers use precision linear bearings and alloy manufacturing,

Linear bearings, can be adjusted to ensure the elimination of the gap, precision fit,
high-precision linear Round rails, diameter 1-inch

The use of high-precision ball screw:diameter 16 mm;

Chassis sbr16 16mm with support track;, because of the support seat; high bearing capacity

Y-axis sbr16 16mm with support track;

The thickness of aluminum alloy is 0.46 inches and 0.8 inches , Extremely rugged
Highly rigid structure, the weight of 200 pounds, 100KG,

Aluminum alloy T-slot table,
Can help you cut and fixed,
Manufacture than wood table has a huge advantage,

Router is the length of 62 inches, width is 33 inches, 155cm 84cm
Effective processing distance: X = 52 inches,Y = 24 inches, Z = 5 inches (132cm 60CM 12CM);

NEMA23(Y-Z-A) and NEMA34(X) 3A stepper motor ;Maximum engraving speed of 6 M / min;

Two stepper motors 56CM * 56Cm * 72cm; torque 1.7N.M
Chassis: stepper motor 86CM * 86Cm * 86cm; torque 4.2 the NM
The dimensions do not include the length of the shaft;

30v 3A CNC drive , Optical isolation, the maximum 1 / 16 micro-step

400w 30v Switching Power Supply

Can be used in all countries of the world, power is the input voltage 110v --- 240v AC

1.5kw Water cooling / air cooling Motorized Spindle ,Height Precision

ER11 ,24000RPM ,

400hz Variable-frequency Drive,

50W water cooling pump,

4 axis installed drivers and chuck and Precision Harmonic reducer,80mm chuck;

Harmonic reducer is no gap and hysteresis
Is a high-end machines;

Different Those Use the cheap products of the gears and timing belts;

If you need a 4-axis; increase costs $ 300;
I modify the order

Use DHL Express Shipping to you Home the door

570$ is the cost of shipping to the following countries:

Western Europe and South East Asia and Australia and North America

if outside of Western Europe and South East Asia and Australia and North America ;Please contact me, consultation freight,
I bet it was like Christmas unpacking that lot.. Cool.