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    Bump. I am still looking for someone with sufficient knowledge of these machines and CAD/CAM to set them up.

    I am willing to pay handsomely for each machine that is set-up. I am based in Wallasey on the Wirral.

    Cheers, much appreciated!!

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    Can you get at the motors, as I said previously what drivers you fit will generally be dependant on what motors are fitted. The motors should have a plate on them with all the info, if you can post the motor details it will be easier for someone to help.

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    there's a fair chance you could use the existing control system with a few tweaks, mach will interface with just about any step and direction system. I'm based in Cardiff, if you could get the machines here I could sort them. I could possibly call in and give them a look over, but it's a fair run up to you.
    I would probably need them here to convert though, depends on the existing control system.
    Looking at the pics, I would have thought the conversions would be pretty straight forward.
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