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    Hi all have been reading with interest some of the posts and I was not aware that you could or would have something made by a forum member I'm always looking for parts to be made mainly air cooled engine parts I'm building a race bike engine and have found a company in the USA to make some big parts but have not committed to them simple because if its wrong or needs a tweak the cost just go's out the window. so here go's Billet block four cylinder air cooled engine copied and make the wall thicker could be up to three of these long term CNC would be good but I assume the block would need to be measured first with some sort of machine? Its not a small job but would like to see if anyone would be interested in doing such a job. there's plenty more bespoke parts to be made all drawings will be on good old paper sorry.

    OK so it was a shot in the dark asking for this job to be done but some one must know of a company that may take it on
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