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    How much do you charge for photo converted for use in a 3 axis cnc as a stl file

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    beefyor1983, I've sent you an e-mail.
    3d sculpture, portraits, reliefs:

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    Bas-relief for a medal.

    3d sculpture, portraits, reliefs:

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    3D models for manufacturing of bronze portrait busts.

    DJ Hardwell. Portrait for a memorial plaque.

    3d sculpture, portraits, reliefs:

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    Girl with butterfly. 3D model of sculpture.

    3d sculpture, portraits, reliefs:

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    Ballerina, medal 42mm.

    3d sculpture, portraits, reliefs:

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    You are a master Dmitriy! Send me some info how you price your work, as i may have local clients from time to time.
    project 1 , 2, Dust Shoe ...

  8. The Following User Says Thank You to Boyan Silyavski For This Useful Post:

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    Boyan, thank you. I sent you a private message.
    3d sculpture, portraits, reliefs:

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    Bob Marley, 30mm badge.

    3d sculpture, portraits, reliefs:

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    Wow what fascinating work, I've been freaking guys, the use of textures and colors are excellent with the proposal,
    It seems great that you share this kind of creations in this forum, you who come to these meeting place we are passionate about 3d animations. The future is here to stay.

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