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    Hello everyone.

    I have been looking around for software to design the CNC machine to show you all but i really cant decide on what software to use.

    what is the best (for the price) software to use to design it on?


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    Sorry Rob I had been culling my thread subscriptions and nuked this one aswell.

    The CW8060 are a reasonable quality basic drive and if you are getting them from cnc4you you also get the peace of mind that comes with buying from a reputable and helpful company.

    That said, the Leadshine AM882 drives are better and if you are comfortable with buying things over the net from China not too badly priced.

    New Leadshine AM882 Stepper Drive Stepping Motor Driver 80V 8.2A with Sensorless Detection #SM414 @SD-in Motor Driver from Industry & Business on

    If you have never used any CAD software before try sketchup it's free and probably the easiest 3D program to get up and running with.

    Trimble SketchUp

    There are some good tutorials here:

    Sketchup for Woodworkers - Home

    Spend an hour or two going through them and you will get the hang of it easy enough, sketchup warehouse also has models of rails, screws and motors etc which save you time roughing out your design.

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    Thank you D.C for the advice. I will download it when I get home. May the fun begin. Haven't touched CAD for a couple of years so should be fun!

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    Rob, There are some helpful software threads in CAD & CAM Software

    and if you decide to use SketchUp, here are a few specific threads:

    Happy Learning-Curve..... Enjoy!


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