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    Thanks D.C. and all the others who have posted. I did twig it was a scam when he refused my offer to pay cash on collection (although I suppose I could have been lead up a backstreet and mugged for the cash). I did google looking for archive pictures when I became suspiciuos, did not find the any the same as was sent - well done Pete. My guess is that the 1% chance of it being legit is wildly over estimated. This is the first time I become personally involved with an ebay scam. Has any other person heard of a scam like that for a cnc machine? G.
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    Well spotted Geoffrey, this smells like a fishy $%&&*.......... and it's just struck me that's it's now been waaaay too long since this sad old fart smelt one of those.

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    Looks suspicious.

    Ebay account that's been inactive for a while, then suddenly being used to sell a high value item is always suspicious (there is a blackmarket trade in good/hacked ebay accounts).
    Best get a case started on ebay with all the details, and let them look into it.

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    Been a few of these vision machines on ebay over the last few months, selling price has always been about the same sort of money. As has been said there is a market for hacked ebay accounts & funnily enough I was offered a second chance on a wide format printer about a year or so ago, seller had good feedback & was polite & helpful but wanted the money paying into a bank account rather than through paypal. The item was listed as being somewhere North of Aberdeen (can't remember exactly where) & the bank account sort code was..............You guessed it Leicester !!!

    ebay sent me a warning a day or so latter but I wasn't going to pay him anyway.


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    If a seller with low feedback, or little recent activity tries to force you into avoiding paypal and using some other form of online payment, then report it to ebay immediately.
    You've been sensible, queried things, and avoided being scammed, but others may not be as sensible.
    As soon as you have doubts, raise a case. The quicker you raise a case, the sooner ebay can stop any would be scammers.

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    Totally agree on what been said here I’ve been looking for a cnc router for a while on eBay and their does appear to be a few scams going about selling cnc machines usually I’ve seen them being sold around Scotland and usually includes free delivery which doesn’t make sense due to the cost involved I did see someone put an advert warning people about it as well, also one last thing they usually have 0 feedback as well.

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    Thanks m_c. I have already reported the case to both ebay and paypal. I have also contacted the bank (Barclays) at Leicester
    and given them the details of the account number and name. Prior to bidding I telephoned the manufacturers in America who confirmed the serial numbers, but did say it was a 110V spindle. This did put me on my guard, but when asked to pay outside of ebay/paypal I was fairly sure it was probably a scam, and wondered if anyone here would recognise the pictures. G.

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    That's quite a common scam I'm afraid. There is/was loads of "reasonably priced" Harley Davidsons, Porsches, etc, etc on Gum Tree. The basic scam is that you had to pay first to "release" the item from some shipping yard or secure compound or whatever but viewing is NEVER an option. They always insist on payment via bank transfer, money bookers, western union, etc, etc. If it was genuine, the seller would have been more than happy to accept cash on collection as it saves him/her the hassle of shipping it. The fact it was a short auction just makes this fish even more fishy.

    So well done on avoiding these scammers!!

  9. Bit of a pattern here but i was going to buy a colchester lathe of ebay and it was for sale in... you guessed it, Leicester. the photos looked all good but i was out bid. i thought oh well and left it at that, only to receive a second chance offer about 1hr after the auction had ended, i got in contact with the seller who seemed genuine at the time but things started to look iffy as time and relations progressed. literally 24hrs after first talking to the chap he was very rude because i would not pay direct into his account before i even saw it. even tho i told him i will pay cash on collection . that was not good enough.. obviously he knew what his game was and nicely told me to F**k off and sounded very frustrated that he didn't receive any of my money directly into his account.

    Anyways a few days later i was on a machine tools dealer website and would you believe it i came across the same photos that this "scammer" said he took and posted of the lathe in question.
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    Well spotted Geoffrey, good that that *you* got away with the money.

    First thing to remember is that Ebay and Paypal are less than interested, attempt to get paid outside of Pyapla make it easier to collect cash but paypal does not get involved in item significantly not as described arguments, SNAD , paid for CNC got shipped a brick, all Paypal and Ebay are worried about is a tracking number, brick with tracking will be fine by them...

    Ebay makes their fees and `is only a venue`

    Scammer is probably not in Leicester or even possibly U.K., the north of Aberdeen locations make it likely that people won`t want to pick up, another variation is central London but secure storage that won`t admit visitors.

    The shill bidding oops when have to drop to second chance offers rather just than running the price up, but guaranteed it is the most they will pay , plus shipping ;-)

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