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    I have to make a sign for my brother, and im trying to find some laminated plastic.

    I cant find any material anywhere, its either way too big, therefore exspensive, or not in the uk.

    Does anyone know where i can get some from, or even know the correct name for it?
    Cheers , simon

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    What sort of sign do you have to make for him & what sort of size? Lots of different types of plastic/foam available. Bit more detail about what your looking for & someone will probably tell you what it's called.

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    Its going to be a no parkin sign, about a4 size,

    This is the sort of sign/plastic

    Red with white writting.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Think this stuff is called "traffolyte", look at UK Engraving Services laser engraving machines, service and repairs
    I've not used them so not a recommendation

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    Traffolyte is a trade name in much the same way as Perspex I believe but does sound like the sort of thing you are after, try searching for engraving laminate, you should find what you are looking for from a range of different suppliers.

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    If you can get the plain sheets then make your own? plumbers pvc glue or even some acetone will glue them together
    If the nagging gets really bad......Get a bigger shed:naughty:

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    Everything you ever want for engraving.

    Engraving Materials & Supplies Webshop
    John S -

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    Hey swarfing thats a very good idea, i think im gona do that! John thats a very good site to know, im gona be ordering from there soon! Cheers guys

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