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    I've got mach3 installed & connected to the machine with all the axis moving the amount they are suppose to (thanks John & others that posted).
    Was trying to get a bit further yesterday & having watched the first few video tutorials thought I would sort out the homing.
    Don't have any switches connected at the moment as the original ones were broken & I am trying to source the same ones but had read that you could set soft limits without switches.
    Set the soft limits in the configuration section with a soft max of 750 for x soft min 0. for y soft max 1250 min 0 & for z soft max 0 min -100. Saved the configuration exited mach3 & started up again expecting to see the table extremities when I selected table display but the screen is blank.
    Had a look through all the configuration stuff to see if I had missed anything but can't seem to get the table display to show anything, had a look on the mach forum but couldn't seem to find an answer so what am I doing wrong please???

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    You got a file loaded so it can see where it has to go ?
    John S -

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    Hi Martin,

    Thought it better to reply here rather than Answer your PM then everyone benefits.

    The Table and Tool display will only show when you have G-code loaded. The screen is blank until code is loaded.
    You must also have table Size entered in Home/Soft limits.


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    I had a gcode file loaded, used the road runner that they have in the gcode folder so there wouldn't be any mistakes. Was able to see the road runner although it was tiny but when I selected table display I didn't have the red box showing the table limits.
    I thought I had set up the soft limits correctly but maybe I haven't.

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    Road runner was tiny because it's coded for imperial units.

    The table extents show has a fine grey Dotted outline on my system not a red box.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JAZZCNC View Post
    Road runner was tiny because it's coded for imperial units.

    The table extents show has a fine grey Dotted outline on my system not a red box.
    ok that's not something I thought about Dean, just used the road runner as it was what they used on the tutorial video. Same with the table display, I said I didn't have a red box because that is what it showed on the tutorial video, I am guessing they have changed that with one of the revisions then but I don't have anything showing for the table at all.
    Will be up at the unit tomorrow so will check everything again, was just hoping to have something else to try before I went up there, not having an internet connection in the unit doesn't help either.

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    OK so I never got to the bottom of this, couldn't see anything I had done wrong so uninstaled mach & all it's folders & drivers & then re installed it. Set everything up again & I am pretty sure all the settings were exactly the same as before.
    I now have a grey dotted line showing when in table display so looks like it is working ok now.

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    Try double clicking the display screen to make it update.
    John S -

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    seems to be working now I have re installed mach3 thanks John.

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