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    Hi Daedelus,
    Thanks for the swift reply.
    On point 1. I know what you mean about PCB- Gcode. The first board I did with it resulted in the drill burying itself in the board without the motor running. Actually, the problem is not that you put the S command in the output file but rather it goes in after the real one. If you put it at the top of the Gcode all should be well.

    3) I agree that the parameter boxes should stay. One simple solution might be to default the X, Y, X Length and Y Length boxes to 0. If they are zero when the user clicks "Create Leveled Gcode" then use the automatically generated extremities but if none zero, use those values.

    Good luck with the parser.

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    Good point with the S command. Seems like the easiest solution for now. Ill do that. Its nice to know other people have had the same problem with PCB-GCode.

    On point 3, thats a good idea the more I think about it. I'll probably default them to empty rather than zero though.


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    Thanks for creating this Daedelus! I have not used your application yet but I plan to create some pcbs in the future and I will definitely give your software a try.

    One question, do you think it would be possible to use your software to allow me probe a curved wooden surface (covered in foil?) before engraving it? I have a few ideas that this would be ace for!

    Thanks again,


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    Hi Jim,

    Yes I think it would be possible but the foil would need to be extremely flat. Almost painted on.


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    Great, I was thinking of using some self adhesive foil tape or even spray glueing ordinary foil to the surface, probe, make the cuts and then worry about how I get the foil off! :o)


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    I just had a thought...

    As of this current version, G2 and G3 commands (arcs) are not supported. This is OK for PCB's because commands are usually G1 (linear) but for whatever you have in mind, this may not work yet if your GCode file has any G2 or G3 commands. I do explain this in the website somewhere but I am worried that you may have missed it and it is worth re-mentioning here I think.

    I think MadProfessor managed to get round this problem when he converted these G2's and G3's into lots of G1's using CamBam?

    This may not be a problem for you but I just thought I'd mention it.


  7. Daedelus: Regarding the G2 and G3 moves, I made a new Post Processor within CamBam, and there is an Option called "Arc Output" this was selected to "Convert To Lines".

    Now all the G2 and G3 arcs are turned into lots of small lines, suitable for your probing software.
    "If first you don't succeed, redefine success"

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    Thanks for the swift reply Prof.

    I don't personally use CamBam but converting to lines is not a built in function as the Prof explained.

    Is there a simple macro or something which you can paste here Prof.? Might help some, at least until I do support it.

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    Ahh I see - Yes my plans did include G2/G3 arcs (I had you look up the meaning - very new to g-code)... interesting workaround with CamBam Prof, unfortunately I do not use the software. I will look to see I have any similar options.


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    Thanks for the autoleveling software! Couple of thoughts:

    • Its great that you used Java, as it lets me run it on my Linux box.
    • Also, would it be possible to calculate the board x & y dimensions from the input g-code itself, rather than have the user enter those values?

    I decided to test out the v0.5 release you have on your website:
    I tested it with a very simple board (gcode file) I've created from Eagle v6.4 & pcb-gcode (latest release); however, after loading the leveled gcode into EMC2 (linuxCNC v2.5), I get an "attempt to divide by zero" error message at line 7604 and I'm unable to continue. I've attached the original gcode & the leveled gcode in the attached zip file. Do you know what i'm doing wrong? I set the x/y coordinates to 0, and entered the x dim as 36.7 & the y dim as 20.1

    Also, in your previous posts, you mentioned new versions of your autoleveling software; however, on your website I've only been able to find v0.5. Do you have a location where you are uploading the latest releases?

    Thanks once again for the great software!
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