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    3 SBR16 sets +3 ballscrews RM1605+3BK/BF12 +3 couplers | eBay

    Is it a good price? I want to build a machine around these sizes so it seems ideal.

    I already have spindle, steppers and electronics and I plan on building a steel box frame. What else do I need, Is it ok to use steelbox for the gantry too?

    I like the look of this machine and plan on using it for reference :)

    Thanks, Phil

  2. This is the eBay seller to use, he is called chai - but my advice would be get the design of your machine straight then email him directly with the exact sizes you need. He makes to order and will give a better price...

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    Joe's exactly right. I wish Chai would stop listing those 'kits' as they're almost invariably mismatched, causing people to end up with a sub-optimal combination. When the machine is designed you'll know exactly what length ballscrews and rails to get. Only then should you buy them. Send the seller a message listing exactly the sizes you need and he'll give you his 'best price'(!)
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    Guess I'll have to design one then, I hate 3d design :D

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    Quote Originally Posted by Philly View Post
    Guess I'll have to design one then, I hate 3d design :D
    But Philly remember the old adage Measure twice, cut once you will save yourself s and hours of grief if you design it first..
    In doing my design, I really learnt how to use the solid modelling features of my CAD package (TurboCAD Platinum 15) and I was able to share the design with my cousin who is a professional engineer using Catia!

    Good Luck

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Jonathan View Post
    he'll give you his 'best price'(!)
    I got his "best Special price". Ha!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JoeHarris View Post
    I got his "best Special price". Ha!
    I'm gutted this means his "Best special price" wasn't just for me.!! . . . . Bang goes me thinking I was his special friend.!! .

  8. Sorry Jazz didn't mean to ruin your evening!

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