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    Hey All,

    I was in the process of making a Cardiff City plaque to hang up and it started to double line cut again. Scrap that piece of timber and grab the allen key to make sure that everything was tight and because the opening they give you to get to the coupling was facing away from me I decided to undo the motor and turn it - ehh convenience. The following two fotos shows what I found - methinks it's not supposed to look like this, no wonder it skipped a line.

    Is there a recommended place to get replacements of the decent variety? Something that will preferably last longer than three engraving pine jobs!!

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    Bad forum to ask questions in as you can't make replies in this forum, hence the new thread.

    This coupling question often gets asked.

    There is only one design of coupling that can handle mis-alignment in two axis and still work. That is an Oldham coupling.

    Oldham Coupling Flash Animation

    If you were in the UK I'd say Farnell, CPC, RS or Arc

    The 2, 3, 4, jaw lovejoy type couplings whilst being cheapare not zero backlash or able to handle misalignment in both axis.
    The type you have I hate with a vengance and is about as much use as a stick of celery and two hose clips.
    John S -

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    Hi Carl,
    If couplings are breaking that easily then I would check the alignment of screw and motor and look to see (with a dial gauge if poss.) whether the motor or leadscrew shafts are bent. if not then try to get the shafts as co-axial as possible.

    It may be that your machine suffered as mine did at the hands of a careless (I'm being generous to the moronic oaf) delivery driver.


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