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    Hi not sure what you guys think but this to me looks like another scam machine maybe Im wrong but heres the link so you can make your own mind up might help save someone CNC Engraving Machine | eBay If this doesnt work here is the item number 271194014738

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    This -
    Payment must be made by bank transfer or cash on collection only!
    combined with zero feedback, and a location out the way of most of the population.

    I'd avoid.

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    Not so sure, the description is very good, not vague and there is a contact address for what it's worth ?
    Also does say cash on collection or bank transfer.
    Nothing wrong with bank transfer if you know what you are getting.
    I have just sold a machine this way and I get all the money, no fees to ebay or paypal.
    John S -

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    Totally agree on the description it is very detailed I just think down to the zero feedback rating and the location it might be a scam.

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    Agreed m_c, but the seller does offer cash on collection (he could of course be waiting to mug someone with a pocketful of cash). Perhaps it would be possible to find local members to check out some of these offers if they seem a bit suspicious. With regards to the VISION machine I "won" on ebay, ebay have sent me a message saying that the site has now been returned to its rightful owner. What amazes me is that whilst this is FRAUD (attempting to obtain money by deception), nobody seems to be very interested. G.

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    One way would be to contact the seller and ask for say a detailed picture of the Z axis.
    If he doesn't have the machine he can't do that can he ?
    John S -

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    My dad lives local to him and I sent him a message asking if viewing is possible and he was fine with it, weekends only :)

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