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    Just thought I would say hello as I have been reading the build logs for some time now and am attempting a sieg x2 conversion. Having previously built myself a reprap it is time to build something bigger and noisier. I look forward to getting started soon.


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    welcome to the forum Ian. Sure you will have seen the posts about Sieg x2 conversions on the forum. With a bit of luck they will help give you a head start. All the best with it anyway.

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    Thanks Martin. The posts are very useful. I am hoping to achieve something similar to what Russell did in his build log.


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    Hi Ian,

    I guess having a RepRap you are already familiar with the software to drive it. Are you intending to use LinuxCNC?

    Good luck and have fun.


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    Hi Russell,

    Certainly having a reprap gives me a good start although they do work a bit differently so I will be learning new software. I do intend to try using LinuxCNC.


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